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Track Surf Skate

Track Surf Skate

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    Skate like you surf. We've designed our new Track urban surf-skate board to capture the feel of riding waves even when there are none. Forged aluminium surf-style trucks are designed to generate forward momentum when you pump the board laterally and to throw down deep rail-to-rail carving turns. Smooth, grippy 65mm wheels and ABEC 7 bearings deliver effortless speed, allowing you to lean into controlled carves and cutbacks with confidence. We recommend the Track for use on pavement, with or without a wind wing, for cross-training and keeping up your fitness. 

    Paketti sisältää:

    1x Deck, 2x Skate Trucks, 4x Skate Wheels with bearings


  • Ominaisuudet

    Carving surf-skate 160mm (6.25”) trucks
    Surf skate forged Aluminum 160mm (6.25 inch) trucks enable you to generate forward movement by pumping laterally much like you do on a wave, and to throw down deep rail-to-rail carving turns.

    Canadian Maple Deck
    7-ply Canadian maple
    813 x 250mm (32x10 inch) deck

    Rachet bindings
    for a secure, quick and easy connection to the board.

    Soft smooth 65mm diameter wheels
    Fast and grippy 65mm 78ATPU wheels deliver speed, power and flow, allowing you to confidently lean intocontrolled carves and cutbacks.

    Fast ABEC 7 bearings for effortless rolling

    Durable PVD-coated 316 Stainless Steel hardware

    (except truck axle and king pin)

    Full deck grip

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